Frequently Asked Questions

1How big are the groups?
Our regular cars take 6 passengers and we never fill them on our long tours unless our guests are all part of the same group. On some of our shorter trips we may put up to 6 passenger into the car.
2How big can your groups be?
We can contract all sizes of cars from luxury cars to big buses taking up to 50 passengers. Just send us a mail to info@icelandoffroad.is and we will make you an offer for your group.
3How do I pay?
Booking through our web page is the best way for you to secure your seat on our tours. You can simply pay on this online booking system. Our online booking page is totally secure and by the end of the payment process you will receive a voucher which you will then give to your guide at the start of your tour.
4What is the voucher for?
Your voucher is to show your guide that you have payed for the tour and also to make sure you are going on the right tour! You don’t want to end up on an ice bathing trip when you signed up for bathing in hot springs.
5Why can't I book any tour for one person?
The minimum amount of passenger needed to confirm a tour is two persons. As soon as when we have reached that the tour is confirmed and will be operated. If you are traveling alone and can't book your tour online with us, you can always send us an e mail at info@icelandoffroad.is and we will find tour dates where you can be added onto a group.
6What is the difference between the private tours and the all the other tours?
Our private tours are a great way for your group to save money and get more out of your day by paying only one set price for the whole car for up to 9 hours and then as many extra hours as you wish. Our cars take up to 6 passengers easaly and if your group is only you or all your friends we can take you and give you a great day on tour and tailor the tour to your interests.
7How do we know how long the tour will be when going on a private tour?
All of our tours have a set duration time. So if you wish to go on some of our longer tours as a private tour and the tour time exceeds the 9 hour offer on the private tour you will pay 15.000 ISK per each extra hour.
8What currency do you accept?
We only accept the ISK (Krona) but we accept payment from all normally approved debit and credit cards.
9How long has Iceland Offroad been running?
We started our operations in the first quarter of 2012, but that does not mean we are new to this game! Our team is comprised of ambitious members that all have a deep need to experience our island in as wast a nature as possible but at the same time do it in the relative comfort that traveling by truck offers. Our team has a wide range of know how and is devoted to serve every costumer as best we can.
10How do I need to prepare for your tours?
You will always have to dress warm for Iceland and if you have space for a 2nd pair of shoes make that pair sturdy boots or hiking boots. Apart from this we or our cooperators will supply all the safety gear you need for our tours such as helmets, lights, ice axes, lines and crampons. On the snowmobiling tours you will have the option of getting a winter overall just to keep you extra warm.
11How is Iceland Offroad able to offer such a wide range of tours?
We are set on bringing you the best there is in service and price and in doing so we have selected a handful of operators who are specialized in certain services in certain regions. That saves us the overhead while at the same time gives you the best service there is.
12How is your policy regarding tours that get canceled or if I need to cancel?
We always do our very best to operate tours that have been confirmed. However, tours can how ever be cancelled due to reasons such as bad weather, and other unfavorable conditions. In this case you can reschedule with us or get the tour refunded in full after a 15% refund fee has been charged of the previously paid amount. How ever if you cancel the tour with in 48 hours of departure time we will refund you 50% of the tour price.
13Alcohol on your tours?
If you are on a private tour with no additional extras you can drink all you wish and we will then carry you to your hotel room after the tour and send your photos so that you know where you have been. Apart from the above alcohol is strictly prohibited on all our other tours, and you will not be allowed on any of our additional tours such as snowmobiling, caving, hiking, glacier hiking or any such activities under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs.
14What is the standard tip in Iceland?
Since Iceland is right in the middle of the Atlantic tipping customs here are a bit conflicted, but tips is primarily regarded as a token of gratitude. If you are pleased with your guide or the service we have provided nothing says it like some tips.

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